Depil pro Pulsed Light + 10 gel

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This efficient French-made IPL epilator provides constant performance to give you entire satisfaction.



This epilator, with its innovative design, offers a compact and light-weight unit for perfect control and easy handling. The ergonomics ensure comfortable use and precise

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is diffused through the crystal covering a skin surface area of 3.9cm².

The one-touch automatic trigger guarantees a fast operation.

The trigger safety device enabling the light flash is guaranteed by two sensors and the pressure contact of the crystal.

The photoelectric control system ensures consistent reproducibility and quality of the light flash emitted to optimise the life expectancy of the bulb. The bulb is constantly cooled by an air stream.

The electronic power circuit is continuously temperature-controlled to avoid over-heating of the unit.





Located at the front of the IPL epilator, it concentrates the light flash and diffuses it uniformly over its entire surface.


The lamp can provide up to 30,000 flashes so will never need replacing. The lamp has a five-year free replacement guarantee if it ceases to work. .

5-year guarantee





Located at the front of the IPL epilator on either side of the crystal, the two metal sensors detect the gel on the skin.





The intuitive control panel and digital screen allows treatment to be customized.





The epilator is fitted with a digital screen to display the main customized parameters and provide control information.


- Fair skin icon


- Dark skin icon


- Fine/medium and fair hair icon


- Thick and dark hair icon


- Safety icon


- Trigger icon


- Flash counter


The counter counts the number of flashes delivered by the IPL epilator from first use.



Preparation for Use:


This IPL epilator offers several programmed functions which assure absolute security and ease of handling:

- light flashes are diffused only if gel is present on the skin and if the exposure crystal is firmly pressed onto the zone.

- if the trigger is pressed and the security system is deactivated, the IPL epilator will not function and will emit eight beeps.

- the device shuts off after three minutes of inactivity.

- if the IPL epilator encounters technical problems, it shuts off immediately; the power light and 2nd switch will remain lit.

Always wear the glasses provided to protect the eyes from light emitted during use.





Hair removal using light does not have any side effects and is relatively painless. Using the IPL epilator should always be comfortable and pain-free.

Between each use, avoid hair removal waxes, creams, and epilators; always remove hair with a razor or scissors.



Gel Composition:


The contact gel contains specific ingredients allowing it to diffuse the flash light spectrum integrally and for detection by the security system. Its application also hydrates the superficial layers of skin. It may be replaced by ultrasonic gel.



Technical Specifications:


Dimensions : 240 x 82 x 66 mm

Weight : 440 g (14.11 oz)

Voltage : 230 volts / 50 Hz

Output Voltage : 12 volts - 4 A

Light Source : Xenon Borosilicate Flash Lamps

Wavelength : 620 à 950 nm

Light Energy : 6 J / cm²

Flash Duration : 8 ms

Exposed Surface : 30 x 13 mm = 3,9 cm²

Flash Time Interval : 10 seconds

Total Flash Counter : Five figures

Lamp Cooling : Air Ventilation

Skin type Selection : Light or Dark

Hair type Selection : Fine, Normal, Light, Dark, or Thick

Security Lock : 4 Digit Code

Position Security : Touch Detection

Gel Application Security : Detection by 2 sensors

Configuration Control : Digital display

Security Controls : Digital display and Power Button Light

Power Control : Digital display and Power Button Light

Security Warning : Audio signal

Flash Emissions : If all security checks are successful.



Included in the Box:


- electronic flash epilator

- contact gel

- A/C adaptor

- Protective glasses

- razor

- set of self-adhesive patches

- spray cleaner

- instruction video

- storage kit

- user guide.




2 years guarantee




This 100 ml cooling gel should be used before and after Epila laser hair removal treatment.


Before the treatment, it prepares the skin for hair removal, softening it and improving penetration of the laser beam to remove the hair at its root, for perfect hair removal.


After the treatment, it soothes and moisturises the skin, leaving it silky smooth, softer to the touch and visibly more beautiful, fresh and bright.


The Epila cooling gel is effective immediately after application, giving you a feeling of intense coolness while also acting as a moisturising cream for healthier, brighter-looking skin.


This soothing cooling gel is your no. 1 ally for perfect laser hair removal!